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Our Program

The Labrador Retriever has been one of the most popular purebred dog in America, according to registration figures released by the American Kennel Club (AKC). As a breeder, these statistics make us aware of my responsibility to provide the healthy, loving, beautiful labradors America is looking for. If responsible breeders don't take this responsibility seriously, future dog owners will search for their puppies in all the wrong places - most likely in pet stores that acquire their "stock" from inhumane puppy mills or in the yards of breeders who are solely interested in a profit having little knowledge or desire to better the breed.​  We are proud preservation breeders which means we protect, promote, and preserve the high standards set forth by the Labrador Retriever Club and the AKC breed standard

Health testing is also extremely important to us. As breeders, we are so blessed to live in a time when we have so much knowledge available at our fingertips.  Genetic testing has come a long way and with a simple cheek swab we have the ability to detect over 220 markers in our dogs.  At Creekside, we take advantage of such tools and make sure that we are breeding optimal pairs that compliment each other and that each generation is bred to IMPROVE the breed.  By partnering with organizations like The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and Embark, we can make more informed decisions to improve, preserve and protect this amazing breed.


Along with breeding to the standard and breeding for health, we also are committed to providing the best care to our dogs and puppies.  Because of this, we have developed a concept that ensures that each of our dogs is a pet first and is being spoiled rotten in someone's home and snoozing on a comfy couch surrounded by a loving family.  T.L.C. is Creekside's innovative concept that allows for us to to produce superior quality puppies without compromising on care and socialization. We currently have dams and sires and puppies that live with friends whom we call our T.L.C. families. These families chose to adopt dogs of superior health, temperament, and conformation and partner with us in our breeding program. Our T.L.C. partners are people that we know and trust who treat their four legged friend as a valued part of their family. They care for the best picks of out litters and provide a nurturing environment for our dogs along with excellent nutrition and veterinarian care. If the females meet our breeding criteria, they are bred and come back to Creekside for the whelping and nurturing of the litter. Creekside gives each dam and puppy the very best in reproductive knowledge and care. The litters are well socialized with our children and pets and after each pup has gone to his/her new home, the females return to their T.L.C. families. In addition, because females are living apart from each other, the timing of their heat cycles is spread out meaning that our litters aren't being whelped simultaneously. Our males are used as studs as the need arises.​  We also prioritize working with other high quality breeders and breeding outside our own lines for the sake of genetic diversity.  We are proud of our T.L.C. approach. The partnering between Creekside and loving families gives each Creekside Labrador the very best - no kennels, no runs, no overcrowding. We have found it an ideal way to combine expert breeding with the heart of a loving home.

Along with the personal touch of a family setting, Creekside partners with the best in reproductive veterinarian care to ensure the most updated technology for optimal breeding results, the safest delivery of puppies and the healthiest outcomes for mom and babies.  We have been extremely blessed to be a patient of Animal Clinic Northview since 1998!  Dr. Robert Hutchinson and his staff have been an invaluable resource as we strive to offer the best care to our furry friends.  Together, we have successfully bred and raised the healthiest litters so that you can confidently bring your best friend home and enjoy a lifetime of sweet moments together.  Along with giving our puppies the best possible start, our commitment continues by providing ongoing support, a written health guarantee, age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings as well as permanent identification through microchip and a limited AKC registration.

We hope that you will find it obvious that we are passionate about what we do!  We understand that the process of adopting a puppy is daunting requiring trust, patience, and knowledge.  We encourage you to ask us any questions that you might have.  Because we are often busy caring for the pups when we have a litter, the best way to reach us is by text at 330-608-0296 or by email.  And we highly encourage you to engage us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) where you can get regular updates about what is happening here. Our social media gives you a window into our fun puppy life!


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