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Labradors... Once they love,
they love steadily, unchangingly, til’ their last breath.”

  Here at Creekside, you'll discover that we're not your typical breeder. Our English Labrador Retrievers are first and foremost beloved pets, living with our TLC families in homes, and being spoiled as they live the good life. We're NOT a kennel. 

  Instead, we focus our experience and expertise on developing a breeding program that prioritizes the well-being of our adult dogs in loving TLC homes. This approach allows us to give our full attention to the safe and attentive raising of our pups. We choose to breed a few litters per year and nurture superior quality puppies to be your next best friend.

  All our adult dogs have health clearances, including OFA certifications and DNA genetic testing, ensuring they come from top-quality English lines that have been carefully bred for generations. Not only are our pups AKC registered but also Bred With HEARThealth guaranteed, microchipped, vaccinated, and undergo Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Sensory Introduction (ESI). This ensures that our puppies are not only smart but also well-developed in all aspects. 

  We take pride in offering Labradors with excellent temperament, health, and conformation. With over twenty-five years of professional experience, our approach combines warmth, family-style care, and expertise. Whether you seek a show dog, a field companion, or a family pet, our puppies are raised in the beauty of nature, nurtured by a loving family. At Creekside, our puppies thrive in this environment, and we believe you'll feel the same joy in their presence.

Girl holding yellow lab puppy

Creekside Home & Property

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